Change is the only constant in life. I will help you and your organization identify the change that needs to happen and root it in new coherent behaviors.

My clients embark on a deep exploration of the multiple perspectives of the self for viable solutions to the complex situations of our time.

My programs give us the ability to measure the tangible results of our coaching, including ROI.

Change is the only constant in life.

Experience Stillness in Change


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I am a connection and a channel for people to be more integrated and happy here and now. I was born in Colombia and started my career…

while in Savasana -corpse pose- we don’t have to move, we don’t need to breathe in any particular way; the perceived accomplishments or failures in the asana practice -or in life off the mat- don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if we are female, male, gay, straight, short, or tall; our ethnicity, social status, or the money that we have in the bank are unimportant. We are just being together with other beings equally laying on the floor. Savasana gives us a great opportunity for renewal into a fuller, happier life. It is a useful practice to become aware of the avatars of ourselves that we create. I help people deconstruct preconceived ideas about themselves and others, challenge stereotypes, and go into new situations with confidence and peace. I have worked with clients from all walks of life and entities such as Procter & Gamble, Ingersoll Rand, Textron, Owens Illinois, Johnson & Johnson, UNDP, The Government of Guinea Bissau, Toyota, the Hamilton Police Department, and SEMIC (Serviços Médicos a Indústria e Comércio). I have been a guest speaker for GlobeMed, Peace Corps, and for the premier of Access to the Danger Zone – documentary about MSF – in Cincinnati. I can work with clients in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian, and I am also fluent in French.


“It is in stillness that we prepare for the realities of life, often difficult.”